Accredited Learnership Providers

Be Sure To Choose Accredited Learnership Providers The history of adult education in South Africa has been a variable one. Opposed initially by the former regime, it eventually fell to English-speaking varsities to first address the issue with weekend and evening classes. With the advent of a new dispensation, private training and education companies appeared almost overnight and, all too often, with little skill or experience. When government finally agreed to fund adult courses, the concession came with an important proviso. Only courses conducted by accredited learnership providers would qualify for funding. This condition, in fact, has become a key factor in assuring those that attend subsidised adult education or training courses that the training outlets and their staff involved have met the acceptable standards as defined by the formal accreditation bodies. In South Africa all outlets engaged in running ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) courses should be accredited with the national body known as Umalusi. The organization maintains a website on which all of the accredited learnership providers are listed for employers and potential learners to inspect. Learnerships Cover A Wide Range Of Subjects The many courses offered under the various ABET schemes range from basic literacy and numeracy to English and other languages as well as specialist vocational training that is designed to directly improve the performance of employees in their everyday working roles. Although these all fall under the heading of general education and training (GET), courses are structured to lead naturally to further studies. Accredited learnership providers are required to constantly update course content and seek suitably qualified assessors in order to meet the changing demands of the workplace and, in order to do so effectively, it is vital for them to maintain a very close relationship with employers in a wide variety of industries around the country. The scope of accreditation is a variable one. While some centres may be qualified to conduct courses for learners others may only be accredited to train assessors. Care is needed when choosing accredited learnership providers. To avoid doubts, contact us for all of your BEE education and training needs.
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