Adult Education Courses

Adult Education Courses To Beat Recession None of us needs reminding of the effects of the recent recession on South Africans and our developing nation’s economy in today’s highly competitive global market. Now, with bankruptcies, redundancies and repossessions showing signs of a welcome slowdown, it is clearly time to start the vital task of preparing business and the workforce for economic recovery. In this respect, it is the latter that is most in need of attention and adult education courses must be high on our list of priorities if we’re serious about making our mark on world markets. For far too long, many of our less-skilled workers have been forced to see any prospect of growth or defined career paths relegated to the back burner, often in the mistaken belief that cost saving outweigh any benefits.  Today, it is clear that the reverse is true and that the most efficient businesses develop the full potential of every employee. Adult education courses, even by their most basic offerings can create immediate benefits to both employers and employees. The simple process of improving communication skills through basic literacy and language courses will usually result in a new interest in and enthusiasm for the job as well as a desire to learn and contribute more – something that every business needs. Literacy Plus Numeracy Equals Growth The ability to perform simple sums has become as vital as reading and writing. Accredited adult education courses held around the country are now addressing numeracy issues among those previously disadvantaged by a minority government. Along with improved literacy, these two skills alone are proving to be key factors in ensuring the growth of South African workers. In the workplace, they are enabling greater productivity and on the streets, those who may have once been seen as unemployable are being readied to meet the shortfalls that the race to recovery will create. Access to adult education courses is not a privilege, but the right of everyone who may need it whether employed or seeking a job. Contact us for expert help with growing your business by growing your staff.
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