Adult Education and Training Call it what you like!

During the 1990’s South Africa saw a massive increase in Literacy tutoring initiative and this was largely seen, by those that commissioned it, as a social responsibility. The growing need was so profound that the bourgeoning industry was soon picked up by Government and given the title of Adult Basic Education and Training, ABET. Along with the new name came new legislation; and thus grew the pile of red tape that our industry is bound by today. Although the vast majority of South African adults needed ABET, many individuals denied the fact and few organisations wanted the responsibility of being the custodian. In order to address these issues Government instituted name changes… and the red tape increased exponentially. ABET changed to AGET, then to AVET, and then AET (how do you even say that?) and today some organisations still use all of these terms. Call it what you like, Adult Education and Training is here to stay. There is a gigantic need to educate people in English, Mathematics and other related subjects. No matter what it’s called Triple E Training offers excellent skills development programmes in all areas of South Africa. Our unique business models is geared to developing communities by sourcing and training educators in the areas we they will be providing a service. Our programmes benefit your workforce, your company and your BBBEE rating. Triple E Training offers adult development initiatives that make a difference. Click here to find out how we can tailor a programme to suit YOUR specific needs.