Adult Fundamental Education

Adult Fundamental Education Aids Economic Growth It is all too easy, from the comfort of a promising future made possible by a secure job, to overlook the fact that more than 4 million South Africans of working age are illiterate while a similar number have less than 8 years of formal education. This situation has made the need for adult fundamental education an urgent one. Since 1994, ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) courses have been established across South Africa and selected neighbouring states to rectify this serious deficiency in adult fundamental education. Literacy is just one of the skills lacking among this previously disadvantaged group. Lack of basic mathematical ability or numeracy is equally prevalent, providing another vital area to be addressed by adult fundamental education providers. The urgent need for a resumption of strong economic growth following the recent, severe global recession has created a demand for greater productivity only possible with a skilled and efficient workforce. Nationwide programmes of adult fundamental education offer a promising tool to help us build it. Many other nations operate similar programmes of adult fundamental education, having long recognised their importance. However, the approach adopted in South Africa has taken the fundamental aspects of adult education one crucial step further. To meet the demands of the new global economy, practical skills are proving more important than theoretical knowledge thus local schemes of adult fundamental education such as ABET, were founded to address the need for vocational training as well as literacy and numeracy. For such large-scale, national programmes to operate affectively, the introduction of standards governing the operation and content of adult fundamental education courses has proved necessary. A system of accreditation and assessment ensures that organizations that undertake the task of adult fundamental education operate according to recommended standards that take into account the appropriate SETA and NQF requirements. This is particularly important where there may be a longer term desire to pursue a higher education. If you are seeking adult fundamental education courses, contact us for more details. We offer you the reassurance of full accreditation plus a long track record of successes.
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