An outsourced BEE staff training programme in a bid to fast track the process of compliance to the Mining Charter’s SLP requirements

Challenge: Organisations in the mining sector are under pressure to reach skills development targets

As an organisation in the mining sector my client is required to comply with the Mining Charter’s Social and Labour Plan (SLP). Because the organisation, which is based in Olifantsfontein (Gauteng), has never before embarked on developing low skilled employees it is under pressure to reach its skills development target of 90 employees as set out by the Department of Minerals Resources (DMR).

Solution: An ABET programme from ABET Level 1 to ABET Level 4 will address the SLP requirements

We at Triple E Training have more than 20 years’ experience in developing low skilled employees and have been offering outsourced BEE training to the mining industry for over two decades. When my client requested Adult Based Education and Training (ABET/AET) for an initial group of 46 employees I could not agree more that is the correct programme for SLP training.
The Department of Education defines ABET as “the general conceptual foundation towards lifelong learning and development, comprising of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for social, economic and political participation and transformation applicable to a range of contexts.””
By enrolling the group of 49 employees on an ABET programme, with the aim to advance from ABET Level 1 to ABET Level 4, my client will address not only the SLP requirements but also contribute to its overall BBBEE skills development element on the BEE scorecard.
A skilled facilitator has been appointed to conduct on-site ABET learning areas to four groups of low skilled employees at my client’s premises in Gauteng.

Expert opinion: ABET programmes help the mining industry to comply with the SLP

As a fully accredited ABET service provider with Amalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, Triple E Training is itself a Level 2 contributor to BBBEE. Through implementing many successful ABET programmes in the mining sector we have helped the mining industry to comply with the SLP whilst at the same time helping clients with compliance to their Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) and Annual Training Reports (ATR).

Call to action: Triple E Training – Your partner in SLP compliance

With Triple E Training as its partner my client that operates in the mining industry in Gauteng is able to embark on quality outsourced BEE training in accordance with the requirements as set out by the DMR.
Companies in the mining sector who do not comply with the SLP are at risk of losing their mining licenses and through skills development compliance my client can rest assured that it will be able to retain its mining license and therefore continue its operations.


For only R100k my client in the mining sector will be embarking on an outsourced BEE staff training programme in a bid to fast track the process of compliance to the Mining Charter’s SLP requirements. At the same time they will ensure compliance to the WSP and ATR.
The ABET programme will be presented for an initial group of 49 employees with the aim to, over a period of time, reach a target of training at total of 90 low skilled employees.

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