To Award or Not to Award?

The Psychology of the AET Graduation Ceremony

Never underestimate the delight an employee experiences when he or she receives recognition from his or her “important someone” at work. Employee recognition is not just a nice thing to do for people or because your Training Provider says you must. Employee recognition is a critical tool for communication that both highlights and rewards the most important part of your business; people. And a person who draws pleasure from work and experiences a sense of competence is inherently motivated. Effective employee recognition significantly increases motivation and work performance. It motivates employees to increase the quality and quantity of work, ultimately aligning individual performance with the workplace’s objectives. To award individuals does not have to be extrinsic in the form of financial bonuses or material gifts. Extrinsic rewards that can be extremely effective at impacting positively on performance are also those known as social rewards. To be most effective these must be immediate and meaningful. Social awards include AET Awards ceremonies where learners are publicly awarded recognition by their employers and colleagues for their results, soon after the final assessment. An AET learner has a hectic life; work commitments (for many of them), parent and sibling duties and social responsibilities. In order to find the time and the commitment to study over and above these is no easy accomplishment. An Awards Ceremony not only congratulates them for this dedication but it provides opportunities to communicate company news and objectives, to motivate publicly and put ABET learners in the spotlight. To award or not to award employees is essentially the employer’s decision. Failing an awards ceremony, a simple letter, that recognizes specific employee achievements, goes a long way in helping employees feel recognized and rewarded.[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”normal” background=”plain” animation=”none”]”We treat our people like royalty. If you honor and serve the people who work for you, they will honor and serve you.” ~ Mary Kay Ash: Entrepreneur Mary Kay, founder of Mary Kay Inc., built a profitable business from scratch that created new opportunities for women to achieve financial success. Her approach to business attracted a lot of interest. She was admired for her strategies and the results they achieved. She wrote several books about her experiences, including Mary Kay: The Success Story of America’s Most Dynamic Businesswoman (1981), Mary Kay on People Management (1984) and Mary Kay: You Can Have It All (1995).[/dt_quote]


Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd celebrates its 23rd birthday in August 2014 and has been involved in AET and FET Training for all these years. Triple E Training believes the workplace benefits wholesomely and handsomely from holding AET Awards Ceremonies. Hence our commitment to encouraging the AET Awards Ceremony. Visit our facebook to see YOUR learners at their ABET Awards Ceremonies.
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