Basic Financial Life Skills Training

How an employee and organisation can benefit from Basic Financial Life Skills Training In this day and age hiding your money under your mattress or in the freezer won’t suffice, a bank is the safest place for your savings, and when you don’t possess the necessary financial life skills this can be a rather daunting prospect. Due to the physical or mental absenteeism of employees who lack these basic financial life skills, a company loses two out of every twenty days of productivity, which in time will have a crucially negative effect on the organization. Some of the basic factors for financial banking that every employee should fully understand and be able to incorporate in their financial situation include comprehending the following terms; credit, debit, balance sheet, cheque account, budget, beneficiary and consumer price index to name a few. With the ABET and NQF level courses offered by TRIPLE E HOLDINGS we will enable all learners to feel less helpless and more in control, portray a much more positive attitude and plan proactively to reach new goals and handle their money more effectively. Once you have acquired these basic financial life skills, not only will you be able to better handle all your financial requirements but the organization will also reap the benefits of having a more proactive and competent employee.
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