BEE Training Providers

Find Reliable And Accredited BEE Training Providers In South Africa When looking for BEE training providers Tripe E Training is just the place to go. We are a national company that started from humble beginnings in 1991 and have simply grown in great leaps and bounds. In the time we have been running we have provided ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) packages to over 600 companies. We believe that there is no educational project too big or too small for our attention and guarantee results and services that is nothing less than absolutely exceptional. Dedication and interest in our cause is what keeps us presenting our clients with great packages and results to match. We are local South African BEE training providers that are accredited. We have our Provisional Accreditation from Umalusi: ABT 00004 PA. Our course content and training is designed to be interesting, informative and simple to understand. Of course those who train through us will need to complete exams in order to hold a qualification or portfolio. Those interested in studying through us or registering their staff members to study through us will find that our courses are usually approximately 120 hours duration per level per learning area. Classes can be held on-site at the place of employment or at an external venue that is convenient to all learners. This ensures that no one needs to go out of their way to attend their classes and attendance is kept to a maximum. We have classes that run at various hours every day of the week, so it would be up to you when you want to send your employees for training and classes. The BEE training providers’ schedules and time tables will of course be supplied to you for consideration and business owners and managers can then go from there. As BEE training providers we offer NQF 4 level courses and like to ensure that all learners are comfortable and understanding the course contents every step of the way. If you would like to sign up your employees but aren’t sure of the route and way to go about it, take the time to chat to one of friendly and professional consultants who will ensure that you are provided with all the information you could possibly require. Chatting to one of our consultants will certainly ensure that you are aware of what the courses entail and the time each lesson will take. We have over 300 courses on offer to companies – we do not provide lessons to the public. These courses will be able to cater to a variety of individuals with a number of interests and levels of education. If you are looking for BEE training providers then you will undoubtedly find that Triple E Training is a reliable and reputable source. Here you are bound to find what you are looking for, for both you and your staff, at a cost effective rate. Take the time to contact us at Triple E Training and find out how we can assist you with all your adult basic education and training needs and requirements today.
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