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BEE Training – Obtain Compliancy Skills BEE training or Black Economic Empowerment training is aimed at the modern company looking to excel and grow in an ever changing economic climate. BEE training courses usually focus on transformation processes of BEE within a company. These courses take a look at a company’s compliance and sustainability. The main objective is to see where a company can capitalise on BEE and ensure that their company is ever improving on their standing, rating and overall compliance. BEE Training in South Africa – What to Expect If you are looking for courses that offer some sort of BEE training in South Africa, but don’t know quite what to expect, then Triple E Training will undoubtedly save the day. Each of our courses is designed to fully equip the BEE manager with the skills, competency and knowledge required to ensure that the business is on track and compliant at all times. This particular manager has quite a task ahead of them as they are required to be the driving force behind a company’s transformation to BEE compliancy. General BEE training courses offer a variety of aspects. While each course for BEE training in South Africa is different, the following is usually looked at:
  • A close look at why BEE is necessary in South Africa and the benefits of being BEE compliant.
  • Understand the BEE score and rating boards. Targets and measurements are included usually in this particular focus.
  • Tools and skills for gathering BEE data on a continuous basis within a company.
  • Planning and final implementation of BEE within a corporation, business or even small to medium sized company.
  • Knowing how to update a company’s BEE status and standing on an ongoing basis as the company expands and becomes more compliant.
  • Pointers on how to capture data and documentation in preparation for a formal BEE rating.
Of course these are just general focuses of BEE training courses in the country. Courses offered by Triple E Training are aimed at individuals who work in human resources departments, CEOs, CFOs, MDs and preferential procurement professionals. Our courses at Triple E Training can be held at our premises or at an external venue depending on the number of individuals in each study group. Our courses are designed to be easy to understand and we will ensure that each learner is comfortable with the course content and has access to assistance should confusion be experienced or further explanation be required. We offer training in all 9 provinces of South Africa and have over 400 facilitators who present and handle each of our courses across the country. If you have any special needs or requirements, simply chat to our team and we will do our utmost best to cater to these needs. When it comes to finding BEE training courses for yourself or your designated staff members, Triple E Training will have exactly what you need. Take the time to plan your BEE compliancy training with the assistance of one of our helpful staff members without delay.
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