BPW Axles (Pty) Ltd

30 September 2013 To Whom it may concern: Service Reference: Triple e Training This letter serves to confirm that Triple E Training have been facilitating and providing ABET Learnership Training to 3 of our employees over the past year. During this time, Triple E has shown nothing but efficiency, flexibility and commitment to the agreement. Having worked with other Training Institution who have not made the grade and even in some cases been the cause of failure for some learners (Bad Facilitators), where I have personally had to step in assist, it has been extremely refreshing to work with people who take this job seriously and are dedicated to what they do. Our learner mock examination results have improved 20% for English learners and Numeracy level is reaching 74%, very high above his 36% fail in 2012. I recommend Triple E to any company/organisation wishing to implement any type of training offered by them. Please do not hesitate to call me should you have any further queries. Yours Sincerely, Angie Fitchett Human Resources Manager
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