The positive role of literacy during a lockdown

JOHANNESBURG – March 31, 2020 – The COVID-19 lockdown was just hours old in South Africa when the first reports started coming through in the traditional broadcast media about people breaking the stay-at-home instructions posed by the government to try and slow down the spread of the potentially deadly virus. From the SABC1 to as … Read more

Adult education and training will help to get economy back on track when COVID-19 lockdown is over

Johannesburg, 14 April 2020 – As South Africans face the now extended lockdown period, currently in place to try to slow down the rate of infection from the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are starting to shift their focus of concern from health worries to fears around the economy. Triple E Training, a provider of adult … Read more

COVID-19 lockdown underscores the importance of face-to-face learning

JOHANNESBURG – April 02, 2020 – All over South Africa right now, children in middle class and wealthy homes, whose families have access to technology including Wi-Fi and mobile data, have begun a phase of their education that nobody foresaw when they were first enrolled at their current schools – home-schooling. And all over the … Read more

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