Through commitment to ABET on an ongoing basis your company can build a solid BBBEE strategy

Requirement: Looking for an outsourced BBBEE training service provider

My client, one of the country’s leading retailers listed on the JSE, has over the years developed a culture of commitment to its employees. A member of the Wholesale and Retail (W&R) SETA this organisation, with its national footprint, has been a client since 2009.
Our business relationship started after a failed attempt at outsourced BEE training through another service provider. My client was, at the time, dissatisfied with the slow progress of its employees and frustrated at the dwindling service levels of the supplier. As the country’s leading service provider of outsourced BEE training we were able to offer my client not only a solid track record but also exceptional service and quality training.

Product Introduced: ABET – core products ranging from literacy and numeracy to life orientation

Triple E Training’s core products comprise of various learning areas ranging from the basic subjects, Communication in English (literacy) and Mathematics (numeracy), to specialised subjects such as Life Orientation and Economic Management Sciences. Our basic learning areas are available across the full spectrum of NQF 1 from ABET Level 1 Basic to ABET Level 4. The more specialised learning areas are only available at ABET Level 4.
My client identified 40 retail stores at which 10 employees gets selected every year to participate in skills development programmes. Each year Triple E Training conducts a placement assessment that allows us to determine the correct starting point for each group of learners.
One of our highly skilled ABET facilitators then conduct the training, which is usually 120 hours per learning area, on-site at the store’s local training facility. Because we understand the learner, each training session is three hours long and that means that it takes on average six months to complete one learning area.

Expert opinion: ABET ultimately rewards the individual with a fulfilling career plan

Through committing to Adult Based Education and Training (ABET/AET) on an ongoing basis my client can proudly proclaim that the organisation’s HR policies govern career plans that ultimately translate into job security for all its people.
ABET provides foundational learning tools, knowledge and skills such as reading, writing, understanding, listening, numeracy and mathematics, thereby improving communication and problem solving. It further addresses abilities that will enable the employee to embark on a journey of personal development that ultimately rewards the individual with a fulfilling career plan.
Not only does ABET help my client stay true to its commitment to its people but it also contributes to the organisation’s Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR).

Call to action: Triple E Training – Quality outsourced BEE training combined with exceptional service

With Triple E Training as its partner my client in the retail sector has, since 2009, been able to sustain the development of low-skilled employees. This has enabled my client to focus on a long-term BBBEE Strategy with the added benefit of having a positive impact on the company’s skills development element of the BEE scorecard.


At the cost of R150k per month my client, one of the country’s leading retailers, has been equipping 10 low-skilled employees at 40 sites nationally with basic skills through ABET each month since 2009. Not only does outsourced BEE training through a SETA accredited training provider benefit my client’s overall BEE scorecard but it also equips its people with the necessary basic skills that allow them to embark on a long-term career plan with the organisation.

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