Comply with the Mining Charter’s SLP whilst achieving the socio-economic development element of the BEE verification process

Compliance to the Mining Chamber SLP

When my client, who has various mining sites in Pretoria, contacted me to find out how Triple E Training can help its mining company reach its social and labour plans (SLP) target I did not hesitate to offer him our Community Sponsored Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET/AET) Project. This programme would not only see my client reach its mine community development targets but it would also contribute to the company’s corporate social investment (CSI) goals.

ABET for the local mining community

In compliance with the Charter Triple E Training consulted, on behalf of my client, with the leaders within two selected communities and 40 people from within those communities were selected for the programme. The selected group of individuals were put through our placement assessment in literacy and numeracy to ensure that they are placed on the applicable ABET/AET level.
Based on the results of the placement assessment 20 community members at each of two sites were enrolled on our 120-hour Communication Level 1 literacy training (basic English), providing them with a General Education Training Certificate (GETC) at ABET level 1, which is equal to Grade 3.

Development needs of mining communities

Last month the news about low compliance statistics of mining companies for its SLP were headlines in all the major news channels across the country. The Mining Chamber report, released by the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR), found that only 36 percent of mining right holders had met their set target to develop communities.
The Broad Based Socio-Economic Empowerment (BBSEE) Charter for the South African Mining and Minerals Industry was amended in 2010. It states that: “Mining companies must conduct an assessment to determine developmental needs in collaboration with mining communities and identify projects within the needs analysis for their contribution to community development in with integrated development plans (IDP), the cost of which should be proportionate to the size of the investment.
According to the Charter ‘community’ means a coherent, social group of persons with interest of rights in a particular area of land which members have or exercise communally in terms of an agreement, custom or law.

Triple E Training – your partner to comply with the Mining Charter SLP

With Triple E Training as its partner my client successfully complied with the Mining Charter’s social and labour plans. At the cost or R3,5-mil my client not only conformed to the requirements of the Charter but also achieved its socio-economic development element of the BEE verification process.

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