Financial Literacy – tis the Season

As the holiday season surely approaches, many South African are already preparing for it by buying gifts, planning family gatherings, organising functions and perhaps even vacations. All these activities cost money! And it’s the season when we are tempted to spend more money than we have. So how is your financial literacy? Budgeting, like going to the dentist, is something we all want to put off until later. But, before we know it, later becomes today. Financial Literacy is not a skill widely applied in our country. Many people are in deep financial trouble. This time of the year often exacerbates this. Triple E Training’s Financial Literacy Programmes cover the essentials of . They are designed to build confidence and competence in budgeting, understanding, knowing and applying the basics of finance and the management thereof. These programmes promote spending savyy! Visit www.localhost/eee-2017 for the full range of Financial Skills training at all levels of learning. Financial Literacy can save your troubles, save your business and help grow an economy. The good news is that Financial Literacy can be achieved by everyone. We do not have to stay in financial dire straits. Here are a few (Not all!) financial literacy tips:

Pay off debt first

Don’t be tempted to hit your favourite shop or hang-out before you pay your debt. And if you can’t pay it all off, read the next point…….

Budget for January and February (school fees etc) before spending!

Cash is King!

Buying on credit/account/borriwing costs lots more than buying for cash.

Look for the Sales

Most stores have sale seasons when products can be bought for much less. Be wise.

Safe ways to send money home

The season is traditionally a time when we need to send money home. Make sure that you choose a safe way to get the money to its destination.

Shop when you need to

Financial Literacy will teach you to shop only when you need to, and not when you want to! Buy what is necessary first.

Bargains? Be careful!

Be very aware of cheap prices – check the brand, quality and contents. Sometimes cheap products end up costing you more. The same applies to borrowing money – lone sharks are called sharks for a reason. Enjoy the season, be blessed and use those financial literacy skills so that 2015 brings only joy and prosperity.
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