Fundamental Education South Africa

Seeking Assistance With Fundamental Education In South Africa? It is a sad reality that more people then we care to realise do not have the opportunity to complete their schooling. This results in unemployment or minimum wage employment. Potential for a better life makes an emotional impact as well. Triple E Training saw that the need for fundamental education in South Africa, especially in some of the more rural areas in our country. With the use of facilitators, who receive up to date training, adults can now be provided with fundamental education in South Africa to improve their lives, their abilities and their productivity in the work place. The world around us is fast recognising the advantages of adult education in the work force, and for 20 years one company has been at the forefront of development and execution in this field. With over three hundred unit standards; ranging from the use of language, and listening skills, to leading a team.  Areas covered between NQF 1 and NQF 4 includes using complicated drawings and business comprehension. From a general worker to a team leader it is beneficial for the employee as well as the employer to send workers on a problem solving unit standard. This is on a NQF 2 unit standard. Courses are calibrated to an international standard which may lead to international certification. This should provide learners and employers with the peace of mind that their education and qualifications will be recognised internationally. There are two different fundamental education training programmes on offer:
  • ABET or Adult Basic Education and Training. This programme covers NQF 1 to 4. One of the programmes products is placement assessments. This is very useful if any of your workforce appears frustrated in their position, their strong points may make them more of an asset in a different position. If you would like to communicate more effectively with your work force, there are short courses available in Xhosa and Zulu. These courses cover greetings and the basics communications. The course is individualised for your company so that all relevant details are covered.
  • REALL or Rapid Effective Accelerated Life Long Learning is a programme that encourages learners to lifelong learning through various frameworks and institutions.
Over 400 facilitators across the country are waiting to assist with your company’s fundamental education in South Africa. There are even a few facilitators across our borders. Lance and Sharon, the founders of the company, understand that there is a need for education within South Africa. When they founded Triple E Training 20 years ago, they also made sure their learners and clients were and still are, not only getting an education, but getting the best possible education, by ensuring the courses are relevant and up to date. With respect for learners and customers being one of the core values of the company, along with team work, it is ensured that your company and employees will be in an environment where they will get the assistance they need. Learners can expect to be treated with dignity at all times and will be provided with a motivating experience. To improve your productivity and the motivation of your staff, do not hesitate to contact Triple E Training for fundamental education in South Africa.
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