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Get Adult Education And Get Ahead Back in the days when hats were more fashionable, a popular advertisement proclaimed, “If you want to get ahead – get a hat!” Today, it would be far more relevant to suggest to anyone eager to get ahead that he or she should, instead, get an education. When competition for jobs is high, such as during times of recession, a little extra skill or knowledge can make the difference between a living wage and a subsistence income. For those in the latter category, the chance to get adult education could be life-changing. Whereas UNISA and numerous other organizations offer courses for adults by distance learning or part-time classes they are of little value to those who either lack the funds to pay for them or, all too often, have been denied the basic skills needed to follow their content. The reality is that, in South Africa today, the biggest challenge facing educators is that the level of illiteracy among adults remains high and, with it, the lack of basic numeracy. ABET Is Bridging Gaps To get effective adult education, the learner must first address these two core issues, before any real progress is possible. This important gap is now undertaken by accredited service providers like Triple e Training that, among their many other offerings, include ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) courses in both literacy and numeracy. Under ABET schemes, adults sponsored by companies, NGO’s and the State have access to a wide range of courses including general education and progressing to further and higher learning all leading to recognised NQF level qualifications. Employees may also get adult education in areas specific to their particular vocations and a number of bodies known as Sector Education and Training Authorities or SETAs were set up to oversee the facility on behalf of the particular industry involved. These bodies advise on recommended content and are also responsible for the disbursement of cash to participating companies designed to subsidise the cost of accredited training and to encourage them to empower their staff through the ABET training schemes. Starting With The Basics In their quest to get adult education, many thousands of previously disadvantaged South Africans have already been helped by Triple e Training. Gaining the simple abilities to read, write and perform simple calculations has changed these learner’s lives forever, creating improved employment and promotion prospects as well as providing them with the basic building blocks and the desire to pursue their studies further. In fact many of the adult learners whose first steps began with ABET training have since progressed to gain undergraduate and even post-graduate qualifications. To get an adult education, one must pursue a proven effective path. ABET courses are based on unit standards based training where the objective of each lesson is clearly defined along with the steps and resources needed to achieve it. Each step and each lesson provides the knowledge needed by a learner to progress to the next one. Together with Triple e’s philosophy of Rapid, Effective and Life-Long Learning (REALLL) this is a formula for success. To ensure that the staff in your care get adult education of the highest possible standard, contact us to discuss your needs with the nation’s leading and fully-accredited ABET service provider.
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