Incorporating the Employee Wellness policy into your Company

A person’s wellness as defined by the Oxford dictionary implies ‘a state of being healthy’, and the term well-being refers to ‘a general state of emotional/physical/psychosocial health and happiness. To effectively manage the wellness of an individual can be influenced by the emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, financial and spiritual factors surrounding the individual and the organisation. Therefore the managerial duties expected from the organisations needs to be addressed from a proactive, preventative and curate manner to ultimately optimise the wellbeing of all employees.  For this reason an employee wellness policy has been established and should be incorporated into all companies. All of the underlying key values within the employee wellness policy are influenced by the following functional and philosophical factors and how they react to these factors determines the success of the organisation. These factors consist of universal organisational acceptance, voluntary nature, confidentiality and employee and employer responsibility. ABET training courses fully understand and honour the employee wellness policy and therefore comprehend the importance of all the contributing elements. For more information on how to efficiently provide a state of well-being for your employees, contact the friendly consultants from TRIPLE E HOLDINGS.
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