Learnership Credits

Learnership Credits And How They Work There is a company that believes it is never too late to finish your schooling. They are proudly celebrating their twentieth anniversary this year. Thanks to the dedicated facilitators, learners in some of the most rural areas of South Africa can receive an education.  Now with these facilitators whose training is regularly update, work towards ensuring their adult learners receive the necessary learnership credits that are the determining factor in succeeding in adult based education. The facilitators will help the students reach the desired credits to advance their education. The founders of this organization understand the importance of education, not only from a financial stand point, but from a personal stand point as well. It becomes obvious based on the learnership credits, what a student’s strong points are, and based on this you can advise them which career path would best suit them. By doing this you can avoid frustration for your student and the employer. With more than 600 customers and 20 years experience, it is easy to sense the dedication to enrichment by the company. Their impressive list of clients is evidence of their success in taking labour from companies to a new level of understanding. Using the REALL method they provide lifelong learning and learnership credits. Enabling learners to develop a full set of skills, instead of just throwing information at them and sending them out the door is a focus of this particular company. Courses are offered from the basics of NQF 1 through to NQF 10. With courses being developed to international standards, so that the learners will have internationally accredited qualifications, and the regular upgrading of work material, companies and learners can rest assured. The courses offered are current and relevant. Included in the studies there is social studies, to help learners with integrating into different arrears of work and life. For companies and learners that are interested, there are short courses also available in the ABET or Adult Basic Education & Training programme. The short courses are for the basics conversing in Zulu or Xhosa, should it not be your mother tongue. After the course is completed you can ideally get an assessment to determine the learners’ competency after completing the course. Regardless of the area or of the obstacles the facilitators face, Triple E Training strives for the better education of the adults in South Africa. With the impressive list of companies that utilise their services it is easy to see that they deliver on their vision. Sharon and Lance that founded the company to empower and enrich the lives of each and every one of their learners are realising their dream to make the dreams of others for a brighter future come true. Over 300 unit standards are on offer. At the end of the course learnership credits are allocated by assessors and moderators, this is to determine the competency and understanding by the learner of the material. This is very useful to determine the strong points of the learner; and allow the learner to take advantage of their skills. For more information and accreditation details on learnership credits, please contact Triple E Training today.
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