Outsourced BEE training in remote parts of South Africa should not be a challenge

Challenge: Lack of outsourced BEE training in remote parts of South Africa

My client was recently awarded the tender of a project in Kathu, a remote location in the Northern Cape. It is common practice for organisations in the construction industry to be involved in community development and outsourced Black Economic Empowerment (BEE/BBBEE) training is often one of the best options when it comes to social development.
The remote location of the construction site however posed a challenge to my client, who wanted to uplift a group of 20 members from the Dingleton rural area through Adult Based Education and Training (ABET/AET).

Solution: Skilled facilitators offer ABET at remote site

Having assessed my client’s specific needs it was decided to conduct Triple E Training’s unique placement assessment for a group of people from the immediate community. The placement assessment determines the current level of literacy and based upon the results it is recommended that my client embark on our ABET module for Communication in English.
Because we have a network of over 500 skilled facilitators it is possible to conduct the training on location at my client’s construction site in Khatu. This outsourced ABET project took a total of 120 hours to complete over a 5-month period.

Expert Opinion: BEE Skills Development for the unemployed through ABET

One of the reasons for implementing community development at construction sites before the start of the project is to mitigate the social risks associated with the operation of long-term infrastructure assets in potentially volatile areas.
Through recommending outsourced BEE training my client not only fulfilled its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) goals but also contributed to the advancement of the community through education that will ultimately address unemployment.
In addition my client will be closer to reaching its BBBEE compliance as well as BBBEE Skills Development component of the verification process.

Call to Action: Triple E Training – your partner in Skills Development

With Triple E Training as its partner my client will be able to engage with the community of Dingleton in the Northern Cape and give the unemployed a chance through ABET training.


At a fee of R70k Triple E Training will place a skilled facilitator to conduct our Sector Education and Training Authority SETA accredited ABET programme in Communication to a group of 20 unemployed members of the community in the remote rural town of Dingleton in the Northern Cape where access to outsourced BEE training has been limited in the past.

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