Rapid Effective Accelerated Life Long Learning


Rapid Effective Accelerated Life Long Learning Rapid – Learning is aligned and streamlined to increase progression Effective – Unit Standards are integrated to encourage solid learner development Accelerated – Integration accelerates learning in a progressive way Life Long Learning – Encourages learners to continue learning through various frameworks and institutions REALLL is ideal for learners who wish to enter a qualification or Learnersip in industry. REALLL enables learner to achieve competence in English and Numeracy / Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4. The 4 levels take only 280 hours, because REALLL is:
  • aligned and streamlined to increase progression.
  • integrated to encourage solid learner development.
  • accelerated in a progressive way.
  • And Ideal for learners who wish to enter a qualification or Learnership in industry.


The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) is a Framework on which standards and qualifications, agreed to by education and training stakeholders throughout the country, are registered. The NQF is a means for transforming education and training in South Africa. ( read more … ) Where does REALLL fit into the NQF? https://eee.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/rapid-effective-accelerated-life-long-learning.jpg

The Triple E Training Process

  • The Learner/employee should be competent in ABET Level 3 English and Mathematical Litteracy before starting REALLL.
  • Alternatively, they will complete a diagnostic assessment to ascertain level readiness.
  • The relevant ETQA will verify REALLL because it is part of a full qualification.

Placement of Learners

  • Classes are scheduled to suit the client’s shift/production commitments.
  • We recommend classes to be scheduled for at least 8 hours a week.
  • Intermediate 160 hours per subject NQF 1 – 2 Recommend 8 hours per session.
  • Advanced 280 hours per subject NQF 1 – 4 Recommend 8 hours per session.

Delivery of Training

  • Training is face-to-face classroom based for the most effective, individualised learning experience.
  • Learning guides, assessment guides and fully equipped passionate facilitators are provided at each site for you.
  • The venues for classes need minimal equipment
  • Portfolio assessment are assessed and moderated by constituent assessors and moderators, who ultimately determine the issuing of a Statement of Results.

On-going through-out the project

  • Continuous management from your specifically assigned Project Manager
  • Monthly Reporting : Attendance Register & Progress Report
  • Facilitators and sites are visited by Project Managers and quality assured Quality Assurance of each learning site and event Learning sites are visited by our Project Managers and quality assurors frequently

Project Costing

The following items are included in our costing
  • Travelling of Project manager, Sales Executive and Facilitators.
  • Initial presentation and quotation.
  • Standard monthly reports.
  • Facilitator requirement cost.
  • Dedicated project management support.
  • Delivery cost of material.
  • Monthly facilitation.
  • Learner Material.
  • Final assessment fee.
  • Awareness / motivation campaigns.
  • Quality assurance visits.
  • Placement assessments reports.
  • Additional request will be discussed and quote accordingly.
Consider this when comparing Triple e Training quotation with other proposals. I.e. No hidden costs!

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We are flexible in accommodating your company needs with a service level agreement but do not insist on one and will give you 30 day notice option.

Contact us to discuss training requirements for a formal quotation.

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