REALLL Training & Courses

REALLL Training And Courses Are For Life This curious acronym describes perfectly all of the needs of any prospective learner that may be thinking about a course of education or training. Together, these initial letters form the phrase “Rapid Effective Accelerated Life-Long Learning” and summarises the policy adopted by EEE training in the design of its many ABET and vocational courses. Often basic training may be needed urgently to preserve or improve a worker’s status as a wage earner and the rapid nature of REALLL training and courses is ideal for this purpose with its use of carefully aligned, streamlined content that allows learners to progress more quickly than by other learning systems. Effectiveness is achieved using the system of unit standards based education developed overseas and now proving itself in South Africa also. In explaining the accelerated learning rate that is achieved under the REALLL system, it is the careful integration of course materials that helps learners to progress steadily. Encourages Further Growth Providers of REALLL training and courses can justifiably claim that this type of learnership can lead to a life-long culture of learning in those that are exposed to it. This is borne out by the large number of learners who, having first completed one or more basic courses, then go on to pursue more studies at higher and further education levels. The modular format encourages learners to explore further and has resulted in many of them gaining undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. In summary, REALLL training and courses are proving to play a strongly positive role in changing lives. Learners who may begin with the simplest of  adult basic education and training (ABET) are rapidly empowered to assume a more productive role in society while REALLL vocational training is helping to improve performance in the workplace and boosting the productivity of companies that support this form of training. The nation is now faced with a tough battle for economic recovery and companies that promote REALLL training and courses for their workers serve to strengthen the front line. Contact us about how our courses could help your company’s growth.
Changing Lives Together