Rapid Effective Accelerated Life-Long Learning

REALLL This peculiar acronym aptly describes the needs of a prospective learner who may need accelerated development and training. REALLL Training is for Life REALLL summarises the policy adopted by Triple E Training in the design of its many AET and vocational courses. There are times when basic training may be needed to speedily improve … Read more

REALLL still more Popular than FLC

Triple E Training is currently offering more REALLL Programmes than the Foundational Learning Competence (FLC). “We are not 100% sure of the reason because we avidly market both,” says Managing Director, Lance Clack, “but REALLL is selling more than the FLC. It could be that REALLL takes the learner to an exit point of NQF … Read more

REALLL Training & Courses

REALLL Training And Courses Are For Life This curious acronym describes perfectly all of the needs of any prospective learner that may be thinking about a course of education or training. Together, these initial letters form the phrase “Rapid Effective Accelerated Life-Long Learning” and summarises the policy adopted by EEE training in the design of … Read more

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