REALLL still more Popular than FLC

Triple E Training is currently offering more REALLL Programmes than the Foundational Learning Competence (FLC). “We are not 100% sure of the reason because we avidly market both,” says Managing Director, Lance Clack, “but REALLL is selling more than the FLC. It could be that REALLL takes the learner to an exit point of NQF 4, while the FLC exits at NQF 2?” REALLL is still more popular than the FLC. Another reason could be the fact that REALLL covers the NQF 2-4 fundamentals. The SAQA-aligned fundamentals are easier to “see” and track, than in the Foundational Learning Competence (FLC). It’s (FLC) relatively new in comparison to REALLL or the NQF 2-4 fundamentals.
Rapid Effective Accelerated Life Long Learning (REALLL), was launched by Triple E Training in 2008 and has to date, advanced 6260 learners in from ABET to NQF 4 in English and Maths. REALLL has saved learners and employers 30% of the normal time taken for the NQF 2-4 fundamentals, namely Communication and Mathematics, because it is completely integrated and only assessed at the exit points.
It is unfortunate that some South African organisations, including some Providers, still view the fundamentals as an unnecessary aspect to the learning process. They realise later, and sometimes too late, that no genuine progression occurs if learners do not acquire these foundational skills. Adults who cannot research, interpret, plan, reason and express themselves, cannot possibly handle the vigorous technological, economic and social demands on them. Without the language ability of at least NQF 2, employees cannot manage the inundating but vital information thrown at them on any ordinary day. The NQF 2-4 fundamentals provide learners with the ability to operate as individuals and make informative decisions.
REALLL integrates these essential skills by offering learners a meaningful, all-incorporating programme that indeed saves time. This is possible not because it leaves out essential outcomes, but because it requires fewer exit levels. The current administration (and resulting delays) that surrounds the exiting of levels for learners, is reduced drastically as REALLL exits at 2 Levels only.

REALLL 2 Learners enter at ABET Level 4 and exit at NQF 2.

REALLL 4 Learners start at ABET Level 4 and exit at NQF 4.

REALLL encourages the skills but skill approach rather than the level by Level approach. Learners who have completed REALLL Advanced will be competent in all the generic requirements of fundamentals covered by 80% of all learnerships at NQF Level 2, 3 and Level 4.
The REALLL benefit is in the integration of skills that REALLL encourages which enhances the employees’ understanding and awareness and thus ability in:
  • Understanding instructions
  • Making more informed decisions
  • Communicating more effectively with
  • Increasing trainability
  • Understanding of job requirements and criteria
  • Increasing levels of cognitive thinking
  • Reducing risks of being unduly influenced by “knowledgeable” colleagues
  • Understanding performance measurement
Lance Clack says, “The Foundational Learning Competence (FLC) is an integral part of all QCTO registered trades and will grow in popularity, although the exit level may need to be addressed for those above NQF 2. In the meantime just ensure the fundamentals are being addressed. They’re vital to any further development.”
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