Recruitment Skills

Recruitment Skills, Tools And Products From ABET When you open an adult learning centre, you will receive recruitment skills and assistance as part of the service that is offered by the Adult Basic Training and Education initiative in South Africa. These recruitment skills services follow a three tier structure to assist you with the three levels of running an adult training centre. The first of these is recruitment of funding and resources that you will require for your training centre. You will receive marketing materials as well as certain forms of media that will assist you in explaining the need for funding to potential financial supporters. The second recruitment skills tier takes care of your need for employees and facilitators at your education and training centres. There are two types of facilitators that you can employ. Part time or volunteer facilitators who will not have to be compensated for the time they spend assisting learners in gaining new skills. Full time facilitators will however need to be compensated for their work and you will need to budget for the payment of these staff members from the funding that you receive. As part of the recruitment skills, you will receive advice on how to manage your facilitators optimally. The third and last recruitment skills tier involves attracting learners to your centre. You will need to understand that most adults who are in need of education and training will not have the means to pay for the knowledge they will gain. Once again, the money to pay for these learners will need to come from your funding. Alternatively, you can use the recruitment skills to approach businesses that may require education and training for their employees. A company will be required to pay for this education and training but can apply for a grant from their relevant SETA to assist them with the cost. For more information on the types of recruitments skills, tools and products that you can expect from the Adult Basic Education and Training initiative, you can simply contact us.
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