The Scientific Solution to your B-BBEE & Skills Development Scorecard

In this article I would like to show you just how easy it can be to maximise on the points available to your B-BBEE Skills Development Scorecard, by implementing Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET), also known as AET, and Learnership Programmes for both your employees and the surrounding communities.
I was approached by The Scientific Group facing challenges around their B-BBEE and Skills Development Scorecard. After putting some thought into these challenges, I concluded that we would need to do an assessment of their employees to get a better insight into the education levels of the staff. 19 employees were assessed, and their average English and numeracy skills were on ABET level 2. With this information at hand it was easy to work out a programme that would not only better equip employees in their everyday job and lives, but ensure that The Scientific Group would achieve the optimum points available to their Scorecard.
My proposed solution was to run ABET Communication in English Level 3, and ABET Mathematics Level 2, advancing to ABET Level 3, followed by the NQF 1 Business Practice Learnership qualification as a combined skills development initiativefor the selected four employees of The Scientific Group. As part of their skills development project The Scientific Group is also training a small group of unemployed community members that includes a disabled person. At the cost of just under R580k The Scientific Group managed to keep their training budget well in the green.
The Scientific Group was most appreciative of Triple E Training’s flexibility to work around their busy production schedule. We drew up training schedules with the aim to limit disruptions to production whilst ensuring that training would be completed in sufficient time.
The learners and The Scientific Group are happy with the outcomes of the skills development programme: new-found life skills for the employees, and compliance to the new BEE codes for my client.
Changing Lives Together