Skills development for the small enterprise should not cause you sleepless nights

Skills development for the small enterprise often leaves the management team with many challenges. One of the challenges often surfacing is that the staff compliment generally consists of highly skilled individuals who do not require fundamental training, making it difficult to score full points on then skills development element of the BEE scorecard.
In a recent article by Gideon Gerber that appeared in Business Day he writes that the Department of Trade and Industry’s announcement of a more lenient scorecard for qualifying small enterprises was thought to relieve some pressure; but it did not. Because the small enterprise is only excluded from completing a scorecard if they have at least 51% ownership it means the only way in which all other small enterprises can achieve a recognition level is being measured on all five of the elements on the BEE scorecard.
Of these elements skills development for the small enterprise is, contrary to popular belief, very easy to obtain all the points; including the bonus points. Bonus points is awarded under skills development for the small enterprise if it embarks on a learnership programme for the unemployed, and if that learner is employed at the end of the programme.
How can your small enterprise benefit from a learnership programme for points towards the skills development element? Let’s assume your skills development spend is R60k. Legislation stipulates that you can be awarded all the points under skills development if you take an unemployed, disabled individual from the community, enrol that individual on a learnership, and absorb that individual after the training. This sounds impossible for the small enterprise, does it not?
At Triple E Training we offer skills development for the small enterprise as a packaged training programme. For approximately R60k we will recruit two unemployed, disabled individuals from the community; enrol them on our NQF1 Business Practice learnership; and provide them with employment if the latter was pre-arranged with the client. We ensure that your needs are met for BEE verification without any effort from you, the small enterprise management team.
Skills development for the small enterprise who left it to the last minute should not despair. We have a solution that will ensure you can submit all the relevant information for your learnership programme to your BEE verification agent. If you want to find out more about our quick fix skills development for the small enterprise call our office on 010 597 7611.

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