Training for Points or Skills Development

To BBBEE or not to BEE?

Recruiting an excellent workforce is an on-going challenge for employers. Principal companies are proactively looking for significant ways to attract talent. The cost of hiring and losing employees is massive. The current trend now involves emphasis on the development of people. Taking into account that employees are finitely focused on job security, workplaces that need and want the best employees therefore have little choice but to develop their own people. Training and skills development such as learnerships and internships, attracts more motivated individuals. Employees seeking work appreciate the training and employment opportunity that they are being given. They are eager and prepared to work for an investment in their future in the form of a national certificate. A trained workforce is easier to manage and will ultimately deliver better results. Knowing that a company invests in their employee’s development improves motivation which means better commitment. In other words, the more an employee feels engaged, the more likely he/she is to produce quality results, and stay with the company. To BBBEE or not to BEE is hardly relevant although it’s an added bonus.Learners on a learnership are training, working and earning all while you gain points on your scorecard. It’s a win-win!Offering qualifications like Business Practice and the GETCA prepares the learners for the world of business, no matter what your business is. Empowering South Africans is critical. In order for the country to fulfill its potential, the general public needs to participate in the economy, making a real contribution. Making a real contribution means using their skills. Whether you are training for points or skills development, you are scoring high on the score card and this is important because it will probably give the opportunity for work. However and more importantly, you demonstrate your commitment to transformation and development. Everyone wins through training.
Changing Lives Together