Training programmes suitable for all your skills development needs

Do you need training for your staff or contractors? We have training programmes suitable for all your skills development needs. Whether you are in the mining or engineering industry, or operate in manufacturing or construction, or offer services in security, cleaning, hospitality, logistics or transport.

English and maths are two of the most important skills your staff need

Staff who are less competent in English often struggle because of the language barrier. This not only makes it difficult for the employer to grow these individuals on a career path within the business, but also to convey work-related instructions. By enrolling staff on our foundational Communication in English training programme they will develop practical English skills that are essential to the workplace. The foundational training programme has four levels of competence. It takes approximately six months to complete each level, and by the time staff completed the third level they will have sufficient communication skills to continue a foundational learnership.

An accredited service provider

As an accredited training service provider, Triple E Training’s foundational programmes are aligned to the unit standards of the various SETAs in the country. We also have full accreditation from Umalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training.

Foundational training is a key element of a company’s BBBEE strategy

Foundational training is a key element of a company’s BBBEE strategy. It contributes to the Skills Development of the BEE Scorecard, to the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) as well as the Annual Training Report (ATR).

Case study: English training for staff in the financial services sector

Our client in Midrand is a registered financial services provider that identified five staff members who struggled to communicate effectively in English. After assessing the staff’s current competency in English, they were enrolled on the first level of the Communication in English programme. Because each foundational programme comprise of four levels, this specific project lasted two years. At the end of this two-year programme all five staff members were promoted. Elizabeth, who was the tea lady, now works in the accounts office as a filing clerk. Jonas went from security guard to internal mail distribution clerk. Sibongile used to clean bathrooms; today she works in the canteen as a cashier. Andries, who could always be found washing the executives’ cars, can now be found in the IT department where he is learning how to manage and distribute incoming IT support calls from employees to the rest of the IT team. And lastly, Miriam, who used to be a kitchen supervisor, is now the assistant manager of the canteen.

Benefits of staff training spans beyond compliance to BBBEE

The benefits of staff training spans beyond compliance to BBBEE. Yes, your organisation will earn points towards the BEE scorecard’s skills development element, and perhaps even the preferential procurement element if your service provider, like us, is a Level 2 contributor. Yes, you will be able to list training as part of your WSP and ATR. But most important is that you will make a difference in the lives of people like Elizabeth, Jonas, Sibongile, Andries, and Miriam.
We believe in changing lives together; with Triple E Training as your partner for foundational training you can also make a difference. Call us on 010 597 7611 or send an email to info@localhost/eee-2017, to find out how easy it is for you to help someone change their life.
Changing Lives Together