Umalusi accreditation

The most powerful education body in South Africa, Umalusi is a statutory organization which monitors and improves the quality of general and further education and training in South Africa. Providers of education need Umalusi accreditation to ensure that their institution is financially viable, has the necessary resources, offers approved programs and in general has all the necessary criteria in place to offer good training and education in South Africa. An Umalusi accreditation is significant, and demonstrates a commitment towards quality education for a quality future. It means that training institutes are perfectly positioned to contribute to the provisioning of FET for learners in the community. In order for Umalusi to establish if your company or institution falls within its quality assurance scope, you are required to submit a letter of intent to Umalusi for its consideration. The letter of intent must be accompanied by a sworn declaration, to ensure that the information provided in the letter of intent is accurate. Imalusi may conduct site visits during the period of provisional Umalusi accreditation, and retains the right to withdraw provisional accreditation should a provider not comply with the requirements! Umalusi has a few key functions:
  • Monitoring learner achievements, and issuing certificates.
  • Evaluating whether providers of education and training have the capacity to deliver and assess qualifications and learning program and are doing so to expected standards of quality.
  •  Monitoring the standards of qualifications and their associated curricula.
The solution to South Africa’s developmental problems lie in the hands of both the public sector and industry, because successful education initiatives will bring overwhelming benefit to the poor in South Africa through increased opportunity, employment and contribution to the economy. At Triple e Training Holdings, we play a huge role in training unskilled workers because we have already gained our provisional Umalusi accreditation in 2006 which means we add significant value in supporting economic growth and development.
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