Unit Standard Based Training

Unit Standard Based Training Offers Many Benefits Even in a full time learning system, there is a need to observe uniform standards that define the expected outcomes for any given course of study, the subject matter needed to attain those desired outcomes and the methods and resources that will be used to present the designated subject matter. Where learnerships are part-time and may be offered via several different outlets, the use of a uniform system can be even more desirable. Today unit standard based training schemes are in use around the world and are proving to be highly effective both there and in South Africa. One big advantage that ensues when using this type of structure is that it allows courses to be designed in such a way that each module prepares learners to progress naturally to the next one while also allowing assessors to monitor their progress in time to become aware of any remedial steps that may be required. Unit standard based training in basic adult education may also be readily adapted to prepare learners for more advanced studies such as matric or a degree. Suitable For Any Subject The use of this modular structure in creating courses is readily applicable to any subject and can be of great help to those assigned the task. Each lesson has a distinct goal that is pursued in a series of logically ordered steps allowing learners to progress steadily but at a comfortable pace. The unit standard based training system also makes for greater efficiency on the part of an instructor or assessor. When defining, in advance, not just content but also all of the necessary resources that are to be used in presenting a given training unit, a smooth lesson is guaranteed and the proof can be seen in the long and enviable record of success enjoyed consistently by the country’s top ABET providers such as EEE training. All indications are that educational schemes that employ unit standard based training work exceptionally well. To learn how your staff may benefit from this type of learnership, contact us today.
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