Why Adult Basic Education and Training or ABET

Adult Basic Education and Training or ABET referred to as AET or Adult education and Training is training adults in skills that they need as a foundation. ABET (now more commonly referred to as AET or Adult education and Training) is not about Literacy, Numeracy nor indeed illiteracy. It is training adults in essential skills that they need for ALL other learning in South Africa. Without this foundational training people and therefore communities, cannot develop further, grow economies nor sustain themselves. We cannot interpret and respond appropriately to any situation or concept without first learning the fundamentals. Adult Education and Training equips the individual with critical problem-solving and communication skills which “kick-starts” the journey of learning. And we know without a doubt that if we are not learning we are not growing. Even industry benefits by the ever-increasing pool of employable people. It improves knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. Not only does Adult Basic Education and Training create employment possibilities, but also entry to further education and training.

Definition of ABET

The Department of Education defines ABET as: Adult Basic Education and Training is the general conceptual foundation towards lifelong learning and development, comprising of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for social, economic and political participation and transformation applicable to a range of contexts. ABET is flexible, developmental and targeted at the specific needs of particular audiences and, ideally, provides access to nationally recognised certificates.

Origins of ABET

The concept of ABET is exclusively South African. ABE means Adult Basic Education. South Africa added the T, for Training in the policy initiatives of the early 1990s. In the 1930’s ABET/AET was enforced by missionaries, churches and the Communist Party and in the late 1940’s legislation insisted on the establishment of night schools. In the following years the government of South Africa did much to destabilize these initiatives, but the 1970’s brought local churches, night schools and many NGO’s established to introduce effective programmes to adults who had been previously neglected educationally. Most English Universities had established adult literacy centres or units by 1989 within the faculty of Education. And then followed a great explosion in this industry. There were examinations set, foreign funding boomed, the publication of the ABET act and so on. And so ABET grew.

The Establishment of Umalusi to quality assure GET and FET bands including ABET ensures today that Institutions such as Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd are accredited and compliant businesses.

AET has grown over the last few years based on the fact that it assists companies with their BBBEE scorecards. i.e. if you do AET you will gain points. It is widely offered in English, even the Maths and other subjects, because industry chooses English, for global opportunity reasons. In addition to this, when the learners study further, the majority of the Institutions they attend are of English medium. The language of your AET Programme should be considered carefully and should be discussed with you before commencement.[dt_vc_list style=”1″ dividers=”true”]Why Adult Basic Education and Training or ABET?
  • We love it
  • We know it makes a difference in the lives of adults
  • We are passionate about developing people
  • We know we are laying an excellent foundation
  • Because we know we can help you grow your business
  • Adults want it
  • Adults need it
  • It is vital for your BBBEE scorecard
  • We have been privileged to have had nearly 23 years to experiment with, change, update, create, inspire facilitators with, and develop a unique and brilliant Adult Education and Training Programme for all learners
  • We can offer you relevant options for your AET
  • We are accredited by Umalusi – fully – one of only 4 ABET/AET Providers in SA.
  • Our executive Account Managers have vast experience with GETC programmes
  • WECOZA, our learning management database, provides you with up-to-date information about your learners at any stage of the month
  • We are a Level 2 Contributor to BBBEE.
[/dt_vc_list]See the Summary of the Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Act, no. 52 of 2000 at www.saqa.org.za/docs/legislation/2010/act52
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