Why AIDS education programs at work?

AIDS is not a social problem detached from the work environment. People spend the largest part of their day at work. It is also the place where most interaction with people, other than their close friends and family circle takes place. As such AIDS education programs at work are extremely important for the following reasons: • It facilitates fair management of workers living with AIDS. • Preventing the spread of HIV. • Demonstrates the company’s commitment to the well-being of its workers. • It addresses fears about contraction of the virus. • Helps co-workers to deal with an HIV/AIDS colleague in the correct manner. • Helps to clear up myths surrounding the issue. • Helps an HIV/AIDS positive person to keep self esteem and overcome fears. People often fear that they will lose their jobs should they be HIV/AIDS positive. When a company thus provides AIDS education programs, it will improve worker motivation and morale because it shows that the company cares. Contact Triple-e for information on the AIDS education programs available.