ABET / AET Basic Education and Training for adults


ABET / AET Basic Education and Training for adults who want to finish or improve their basic education. ABET / AET aims to provide basic foundational learning tools, knowledge and skills, and provides participants with nationally recognised skills and/or qualifications. ABET / AET addresses the fundamental skills of reading, writing, understanding, listening, numeracy and mathematics, thus improving communication and problem solving. In addition, it addresses literacy and numeracy abilities which enables further development in your company. ABET/AET has been taken into special account in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice ( read more … ) The four levels of ABET / AET training are equivalent to Grades R to 9. ABET/AET consists of various learning areas (subjects). The most commonly trained by our customers are Communications and Numeracy/Mathematical Literacy | Mathematics. Most organisations use ABET/AET to train Communications, Literacy and Numeracy Skills in English to their workforce. The learning areas (subjects) of ABET / AET are varied, but the most popular in workplaces are communications, mathematical and financial literacy.

ABET/AET Product Range

Our available ABET / AET services and product range covers learning from Level 1 Basic ( Pre ABET ) to Level 4 ( NQF 1 ). https://eee.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/core-abet-products-and-services.jpghttps://eee.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/core-abet-products-and-services-02.jpg


The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) is a Framework on which standards and qualifications, agreed to by education and training stakeholders throughout the country, are registered. The NQF is a means for transforming education and training in South Africa. ( read more … ) Where does ABET/AET fit into the NQF? https://eee.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/nqf-foundation-learning-competence.jpg

The Triple E Training Process

Create awareness within your organisation and identify the learners who need the training. Our Executive Marketers will assist you wherever they can. ( Contact us now! )

Awareness Session

It is important to invite all relevant stakeholders in your organisation to participate in setting up your project. Collaborative awareness will add value and increase the success of the ABET/AET learning initiative for the employer and staff. Use Triple E for an awareness session to answer ABET / AET related questions. A 45min session will be conducted per group on your premises to provide information to potential delegates about ABET/AET training. This will be supported by enrolment and cancellation forms.

Placement of Learners

The placement assessment is a pre-requisite to an ABET/AET Programme. It should recognise prior learning and assess current competency so that learners are placed on the applicable ABET / AET level. It is critical to determine the correct starting point for each adult learner/employee and pinpoint the areas that need to be developed. The learners / employees will be assessed in communication in English and Numeracy. This assessment session will take place at your office / site, day and any time. It is a 3-hour assessment with a group size of maximum 30 candidates per session.

Results and Feedback

A detailed report for the group statistics and the individual learner performance is issued after assessment

Preparation for Classes

  • Classes are scheduled to suit the client’s shift/production requirements.
  • We recommend classes to be scheduled for at least 6 hours a week – in 2 or 3 hour sessions if possible however our team will discuss your class scheduling needs.
  • A learning area (subject) is an estimated 120 hours.

Delivery of ABET / AET Training

  • Training is face-to-face in a classroom ( or classroom based ) for the most effective, individualised experience for the learner.
  • Learning guides, assessment guides and fully equipped passionate facilitators are provided at each site for you.
  • The venues for classes need minimal equipment.
  • Final assessments are your choice and depend on the learner’s career path.

Ongoing throughout the project

  • Continuous management from your designated Project Manager.
  • Monthly Reporting : Attendance Register & Progress Report.
  • Project Managers and quality assurors visit classes, evaluate facilitators and the project progress.

Project Costing

The following items are included in our costing
  • Travelling of Project manager, Sales Executive and Facilitators.
  • Initial presentation and quotation.
  • Standard monthly reports.
  • Facilitator requirement cost.
  • Dedicated project management support.
  • Delivery cost of material.
  • Monthly facilitation.
  • Learner material.
  • Final assessment fee.
  • Awareness / motivation campaigns.
  • Quality assurance visits.
  • Placement assessment reports.
  • Additional requests will be discussed and quoted accordingly.
Consider this when comparing a Triple E Training quotation with other proposals. With Triple E Training, there are no hidden costs.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We are flexible in accommodating your company needs with a service level agreement. But we do not insist on one and will give you a 30-day notice option.

Contact us to discuss training requirements for a formal quotation.

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