BEE Benefits

Skills Development

By using Triple E Training, customers can benefit from Procurement, Skills Development and Socio Economic Development. Essentially, companies can earn up to 12 points from suppliers with a recognition level on par with Triple E Training. In addition companies can earn up to 3 points extra from suppliers with a recognition level who are EMEs ( Exempted Micro-Enterprises ) or QSEs ( Qualifying Small Enterprise ). ABET / AET has specifically been taken into account in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. Significantly, any spend on ABET / AET training results in an enhanced claim of 125% which means the actual value of spend is less than the value claimed on the BEE Scorecard. Training in the form of Categories B, C and D are those that refer to learners and will earn extra points, ABET/AET falls under categories B in the skills matrix. See Learner Matrix .PDF

Socio-economic development

As part of our socio-economic development contribution, Triple E offers ABET / AET and community-based skills development training. Triple E offers community training and skills development for unemployed people and adult basic education and training, which is recognised as a socio-economic development contribution. Additionally, we create and manage Corporate Social Investment initiative on behalf of our clients. These services include:
  • Recruitment of learners.
  • Training venue sourced by Triple E.
  • Placement Assessment.
  • Learner Workbooks and Portfolios.
  • Facilitation.
  • Report Generation.
  • Attendance Registers.
  • Progress Reports.
  • Marking & Moderation.
  • Statement of Results.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Stationery (pen, pencil, ruler, eraser).
  • Administration CSI Report which includes: Agreement between Client and Triple E Training Learner Certified ID copy Learner Training Agreement Daily signed attendance reports Learner Demographic Report Enrolment Report Invoice and Proof of payment Motivation Report Auditors Verification Report Photos of the class.
Changing Lives Together