ABET contributes to a Skills Development Strategy

Challenge : Finding the best way to reach a minimum of BEE Level 3 on the BEE Scorecard

My client, operating in the manufacturing industry, approached me with a request to make a recommendation as to the best way to reach a minimum of BEE Level 3 when completing its next BEE Scorecard assessment.
Based in East London my client identified a group of 50 employees for possible outsourced BEE training over the next couple of months.

Solution: Score on the BEE Scorecard through BBBEE Skills Development element

One of the best ways to be sure of a high score on the BEE Scorecard is through the BBBEE Skills Development element. There are many different ways to get a good score but one way that makes a big difference is through Adult Based Education and Training (ABET/AET).
After an initial assessment which is used to determine the current education level of my client’s group of 50 employees, it was decided to commence a group of 10 learners on our SETA accredited ABET Level 1. The two chosen modules are: Communication in English and Mathematics.
Each of these modules comprise of 120 hours’ learning and because we at Triple E Training believe in quality education for all we recommend a maximum of six hours’ BEE training per week. It will therefore take the group of 10 low skilled employees a total of ten months to complete the two modules, giving them a SAQA recognised NQF qualification.
One of our highly skilled facilitators, selected particularly for this project from our network of more than 400 facilitators, will conduct two 3-hour classes per week at my client’s in-house training venue on-site in East London carefully monitoring each employees’ progress.

Expert opinion: ABET aims to provide basic foundational learning tools

Service Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) were established in 2000 in terms of the Skills Development Strategy with the aim of improving the skills of people in various business sectors. ABET/AET aims to provide basic foundational learning tools, knowledge and skills for adults who want to finish or improve their basic education making it an ideal project for any organisation’s Skills Development budget.
At Triple E Training we not only assist you in managing your Skills Development spend but also live our passion for people development. Whilst we ensure our ABET projects coincide with your organisation’s shift or production requirements we furthermore ensure that each employee faces an effective and personalised learning experience.

Call to Action: Triple E Training – Your partner in BEE Scorecard criteria

With Triple E Training as a partner organisations in any industry can comply to the BEE Scorecard criteria through outsourced BEE Training.


For as little as R300k my client, in the manufacturing industry, provided a group of 10 learners with ABET in Mathematics and Communication in English. Whilst providing low skilled employees an opportunity to obtain a registered NQF 1 qualification through ABET, at the same time, the AET contributed to my client’s overall BBBEE strategy that will ultimately impact its overall BEE score.

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