Succession planning with ABET in the mining industry also benefits the SLP

Requirement: Compliance with B-BBEE, SLP and LED My client is a multi-national manufacturer of highly specialised pumps for the mining industry based on the East Rand. When they contacted Triple E Training they indicated a need for assistance to comply with the government’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment programme, social and labour plans (SLP) and local … Read more

SETA Accredited Courses

What are SETA Accredited Courses? We often hear the term “SETA accredited courses” but very few people actually know what these are and how they impact on our lives.  First we have to know what SETA is!  SETA stands for Sector Education and Training Authority and role thereof is to provide a framework of skills … Read more

SETA Approved Training

SETA Approved Training – Find Out More Today SETA, the acronym for Sector Education and Training Authority, has been established with the aim of improving and contributing to the developmental skills of personnel as well as offering a higher level of training for various sectors of the company. SETA approved training is focused on providing … Read more