SETA Accredited Courses

What are SETA Accredited Courses? We often hear the term “SETA accredited courses” but very few people actually know what these are and how they impact on our lives.  First we have to know what SETA is!  SETA stands for Sector Education and Training Authority and role thereof is to provide a framework of skills in their particular sectors.  For instance, the Tourism SETA will set the frameworks for any hospitality related course or job, and the Engineering SETA will set frameworks for anything to do with engineering. SETA accredited courses are courses which have been awarded a national recognition.  This certification that is awarded to a particular person, course or company by the South African Qualifications Authority that allows them to offer courses which are outcomes based and works according to the specifications of the particular SETA.  This means that we will have standard set of skills that we can define, teach and test.  This enables a person to know, with confidence, that they are doing a course, or working through learning material that have been officially approved as suitable by the relevant SETA. The role of the accreditation is to ensure that the courses are properly structured according to the set frameworks, that they are presented in a recognised fashion and that they are evaluated and tested according to the guidelines set out by the SETA, resulting in a recognised qualification.  Before courses were accredited, there were many fly-by-night companies that offered and presented bad courses that did not really teach any skills that fit into the skills framework of the country, and therefore not really adding to the required skills bases. When you do any type of course in South Africa you have to ensure that it is one of the SETA accredited courses, or you may find that you spend money on a course that will not give you a recognised qualification.  If you need to find out more about SETA accredited courses, give Triple E Training a call.  We have all the accredited courses and assessors you will ever need, and we look forward to helping you get a recognised qualification!
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