SETA Approved Training

SETA Approved Training – Find Out More Today SETA, the acronym for Sector Education and Training Authority, has been established with the aim of improving and contributing to the developmental skills of personnel as well as offering a higher level of training for various sectors of the company. SETA approved training is focused on providing the correct education for that specific sector of the company. While maintaining the higher standard of service the sector is expected to supply to their customers. At Triple E Training, we wish to fulfil our goals of providing the best education to the adults in the corporate world. Being fully BEE accredited, and approved by the Department of Labour, we pride ourselves with the knowledge that every one of our students walk away with something valuable to give back to their company as well to themselves. Among our large selection of educational needs, we are very pleased to offer SETA approved training to companies that need the focus to be brought back to the job description at hand. This proves invaluable to companies in the long run. While this training we provide improves the performance in the work force, it encourages development in other sectors too, such as in the trainee’s immediate communities and social gatherings. The general outcome with these training programs shows that trainee’s find confidence to tackle greater jobs while having the confidence to back them when they find themselves in a position where they may beforehand might have backed out of or avoided completely. Other benefits that we at  Triple E Training offer, is that the SETA approved training recognises the area’s that need training in that specific sector, and focus on the trainee’s interaction with the job in that specific workforce, while focusing on the main stream industries such as chemical, clothing and textile industries and their specific needs in those environments. We are proud to say that we have 20 years experience of working with people from all industries and have had positive feedback when it comes to our learners who have qualified in areas that before they may not have begun to think they could achieve. From grade 11 up to standards of education where these people may only have dreamt of, our outcomes have been fantastic. With well known clients in some of the best known industries, we can guarantee that our standard of education for any specific sector is at its very best. We have over 2 000 000 learning hours per annum to our name and more than 20 accredited organisations throughout South Africa. We strive to deliver throughout South Africa and even into some neighbouring countries so that they too can benefit from our outstanding education offered to all adults training within the corporate sectors as well as seeking leadership positions or placements. Should you be looking to improve your company’s performance, one knows that it starts with your staff and their attitude to their jobs.  You have to ensure that to keep them motivated with their eye on the ball, they need to be educated to follow the specifications by learning their job properly. To ensure that you have your finger on the pulse constantly, you could send some staff for an assessment to see where their strong points are and their weaker points lie and focus on the matters where growth and development in those sectors will only bring positive outcomes. By focussing attention on SETA approved training, you need not worry about the performance, but look forward to having more confident staff in all aspects of the workplace. For reassured balance in the office, contact Triple E Training and find out how our team can assist you today.
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