ABET Training for Companies

Skills Development Levies and ABET Training for Companies The National Skills Development Levies Act was promulgated in 1999 and is legislation that requires certain companies to contribute a levy to skills development in the country.  Through this act, the government actively encourages companies and employers to increase literacy and numeracy levels of their staff to make them more employable.  The act states that employers will be able to collect part of the levies paid from the money spent on training, but only if the learning and development is performed by recognised training providers.  There are many providers that run a wide range of courses, and it is essential to ensure that only a SETA accredited provider is used for ABET training for companies. ABET is a great way to empower employees and still get some money back on training budgets, but care must be taken to find the right type of accredited training for employees.  Failure to do so will result in the company not being able to claim skills development levies. Twenty three SETAs exist today – these are Skills Education Training Authorities that cover all the industry sectors in the country.  These SETAs are responsible for governing skills development through internships and apprenticeships.  The standard and consistency of training courses are also controlled by the SETAs with their unit based skills development courses.  Furthermore they are also tasked with the collection of skills levies from the many companies in their industry. As there are so many training providers that claim to provide recognised skills development it could be daunting to try to find the best ABET training for companies.  Triple E Training is a recognised training provider with a high BEE rating and affordable fees.  Triple E provides various ABET training courses and we would love to assist you with your skills development programme.  Contact us for more information today.
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