ABET will help your company become a socially responsible corporate citizen

Requirement: Training illiterate employees to NQF Level 4

My client, a multi-national integrated technology company with offices nationally, wanted to address adult literacy within the organisation with the aim to train all illiterate employees to NQF Level 4, which is equal to Grade 12. With a big focus on skills development of employees with disabilities my client aims to play a constructive role in South Africa’s success story. It wants to be a socially responsible corporate citizen that plays an active role in supporting the government in the economic and social development of the country by investing in the country’s future through empowerment of its people.
One of the challenges faced by my client was that its employees have in the past not been receptive to skills development.

Solution: Outsourced BEE training starting with ABET Level 1

Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) is a skills development programme for adults who wish to finish or improve their basic education. As such it is the perfect programme to address my client’s needs.
Triple E Training’s SETA accredited ABET learning areas include communication in English (literacy) and mathematics (numeracy). These two learning areas were chosen for a group of 35 learners at three branches in Gauteng. Three experienced ABET facilitators, selected from our extensive database of facilitators, has started ABET classes at each respective branch and it is expected to complete a total of 240 hours of BEE training in the 2016 financial year.
In order to reach NQF Level 4 my client will continue outsourced BEE training for a period of five years, starting with ABET Level 1 and moving through the levels to ABET Level 4 before employees can proceed to FET levels NQF 2, 3 and 4.

Expert opinion: Invite employees and unions to be part of the process

After conducting a needs analysis, a selected group of employees were invited to attend an initial awareness session about ABET. These sessions are important because it not only invites relevant stakeholders that include employees, workers’ unions and management to be part of the process but also acts as a platform to provide information about ABET and its benefits to employees and unions.
Through Triple E Training’s unique awareness session employees committed to the ABET programme because they understood the advantages of learning the fundamentals of skills that include reading, writing and mathematics for their own personal development.

Call to action: Triple E Training – Your partner in making employees committed to BEE training

With Triple E Training as its partner my client, a member of the Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector and Training Authority (MICT SETA), was able to gain commitment from its employees that allowed it to embark on an ABET programme that will help it to achieve its skills development goals for its employees.


At a cost of R300k for the first year of the ABET programme my client, a multi-national integrated technology company with offices nationally, has started the process that will see it reach its ultimate goal of developing illiterate employees to NQF Level 4 (Grade 12). Not only will ABET assist in improving communication in the workplace, thereby improving productivity that has a direct effect on the company’s bottom-line, but it will also contribute to the company’s overall BEE scorecard rating.

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