Adult Basic Education and Training

Adult Basic Education & Training : Abet is defined as the general conceptual foundation towards lifelong learning and development, comprising knowledge, skills and attitudes required for social, economic and political participation and transformation applicable to a range of contexts. Reading, writing and mathematics are all tools that are needed for citizenship and entry into employment and more specialized fields later in life. Of those who enter the formal sector, more and more are finding that opportunities are opening up to learn at work, and adult basic education’s SETA’s report that millions of workers participate in structured learning. Of those who are learning at work, thousands are engaged in Adult Basic Education and Training – in other words catching up on what they missed out from the Apartheid years. Not only that, thousands are enrolled in public sector Adult Education Centres, giving previously disadvantaged people the opportunity to skills development and adult learning. There are many benefits to adult basic education:
  • is outcomes-based;
  • has a distinct South African flavour;
  • teaches computer skills, communications, numeracy, life orientation, technology and more;
  • focuses on the holistic development of learners;
  • is flexible enough to work within any learning environment alongside a competent and
  • dedicated facilitator;
  • incorporates life skills in all the learning material; and relates to learner’s everyday lives
There is a thirst amongst illiterate workers to learn, and to build a better life. A key challenge remains to support existing and new businesses, and at Triple E, we have a responsibility to ensure that ABET training is available nationally, to employees in all sectors. Adult basic education belongs in the workplace, it requires flexibility and a long term commitment to allow the company to meet its production targets. A literate worker will probably produce the same level of work as an illiterate worker when performing a menial job; the difference is that a literate worker is now trainable. Should you be interested in enrolling your staff in training that will improve their productivity and skills, do not hesitate to contact us. Adult basic education is about redressing South Africa’s widespread illiteracy and ensuring that learning takes place wherever you are.
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