What is ABET training?

People with a basic education lower than Grade 9 are suitable candidates for ABET training which stands for Adult Basic Education Training. ABET training is a government initiated intervention to give people who had no formal schooling the opportunity to also get an education up to Level 9. Although it may seem like nothing to … Read more

What is Life Skills Training?

In general life skills training entails training in all aspects needed to function optimally in society. It can thus focus on academic subjects, understanding how to make a deposit, withdraw money, make an electronic transfer etc. It can also include basic communication skills as well as calculation skills. In addition aspects regarding safety, hygiene, HIV/AIDS … Read more

English Communication Skills Course

If you struggle to communicate effectively in the workplace, your future may be bleak. English is the language used as vehicle for business communication in South Africa and without the most basic English communication skills, promotion may be just a dream. As such you will benefit from the English as second language course through Triple … Read more

What is SETA Training?

SETA Training refers to standardized training that is aimed at enhancement of skills in the workplace. There is no specific SETA that provides training. Instead SETA training is provided by accredited institutions or companies such as Triple e. SETA stands for Sector Education Training Authorities and entails several smaller authorities that oversee training in their … Read more

Understanding English in the workplace

Understanding English for day to day living and communication is essential, but workers also need lessons for understanding English in the workplace. The most basic skills of English writing, reading, speaking and understanding should be taught first, but all the skills acquired will have limited use if the worker cannot communicate effectively at work. As … Read more

Basic Adult Training – for future automation

Basic Adult Training is not unique to South Africa. Countries around the world have programs in place to ensure that the citizens of their countries can read and write. Most programs for Basic Adult Education don’t end there, but make provision for further education. Once a person has completed the basic four levels, he can … Read more

What is Basic Adult Education?

Basic Adult Education has as its aim the eradication of illiteracy in South Africa where more than 3 million people are illiterate. Through the Adult Basic Education Program the government hopes to create a more productive workforce and also to ensure a lower level of unemployment because of illiteracy. There are four levels of Adult … Read more

Numeracy Training in South Africa

Numerical skills are important in any workplace, but the low level of numeric understanding displayed by the workforce, especially in smaller businesses is reason for concern. Workers cannot progress without having mastered the basic mathematical skills. It has become imperative for businesses to take an active role through basic numeracy training to ensure a more … Read more