Clear the backlog on your mining operation’s SLP through SETA accredited ABET programmes

Challenge: Backlog on ABET as part of SLP

My client in the mining industry is located in a rural area in the North West province close to the border between South Africa and Botswana which makes it difficult to find a supplier for outsourced Adult Based Education and Training (ABET/AET). The result is that its Social Labour Plan (SLP) training schedule, a requirement of the Mining Charter, is now three years behind deadline.
Having committed to offer ABET to 20 of its employees on an annual basis as part of its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative, coinciding with the targets set by the Mining Charter’s SLP, my client approached Triple E Training to assist in finding a solution.

Solution: Skills Development through ABET programmes for Communication and Mathematics

After conducting a placement assessment amongst 100 employees and 30 unemployed members of the community, all who have not progressed beyond NQF level 4 (Grade 12), I introduced my client to our Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) accredited ABET programmes for Communication and Mathematics.
The client’s employees, a group of 100 learners all with education between NQF 1 and NQF 3, will attend the two ABET programmes in small groups of 10 on location at my client’s training facilities. The ABET offered by Triple E Training takes 120 hours per module and is usually conducted in two 3-hour sessions per week on a part-time basis. As part of my client’s CSI initiative a group of 20 members from within the immediate mining community will attend the two ABET programmes on a full-time basis.
The total project duration is estimated a four years for my client to reach its SLP goals as prescribed by the Mining Charter.

Expert Opinion: The benefits of SETA Accredited ABET

It is a well-known reality that only a small percentage of mining operators comply with the SLP as set by the Mining Charter. By introducing my client to our SETA accredited ABET programmes the organisation will not only reach its SLP targets but also gather valuable information that can be used in the submission of its Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) as well as Annual Training Report (ART).
The fact that Triple E Training, through our network of more than 500 facilitators, are able to deliver outsourced Broad Based Black Employment Equity (BBBEE/BEE)Training at the client’s remote location speaks to our dedication to support clients in reaching their target BEE Skills Development spend.
It is of course not only the organisation that benefits from SETA accredited ABET but also the learner who will obtain a Foundation Learning Certificate (FLC) when the training in Communication and Mathematics has been completed.

Call to Action: Triple E Training – Your partner in reaching SLP in the Mining Industry

With Triple E Training as its partner my client successfully complied with the Mining Charter’s social and labour plans whilst achieving its socio-economic development element of the BEE verification process.


At a cost of R1-million per financial year my client will be able to clear the 3-year backlog on its SLP through Triple E Training’s SETA accredited ABET programmes for 100 employees and 20 unemployed members from the immediate mining community.

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