Closing the ABET Quality Gap

The Training Manager of Triple E Training Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Muzi Mthembu, has conducted a number of workshops for ABET/AET facilitators in 2014 already, country-wide. “It’s essential that we come together as ABET/AET educators and brainstorm new innovative ideas,” says Mthembu, striving at closing the ABET Quality Gap “The worst ABET/AET educator is the unprepared and uninspired one.” ABET/AET can be daunting for the adult learner and therefore the facilitator’s approach, preparedness and attitude is tantamount to the training intervention having an effect. Triple E Training strives to close the gap in the quality of ABET training by continuously observing, supporting and giving feedback to ABET/AET facilitators. “We have been covering new processes within Triple E Training ABET/AET in these workshops, and sharing great ABET methodologies and approaches. If I the passion is dwindling anywhere, I am re-igniting the ABET/AET flame,” says Mthembu. Next week begins the full ABET/AET Induction week, for new facilitating agents. This training is held monthly at the Triple E Training Guesthouse, Nellie’s Place. Mthembu says, “It is always inspiring because like ABET learners, ABET facilitators are animated and bring fresh ideas to the sessions. We never stop learning in ABET/AET!”Watch this space for the FET/FLC workshops to be held next month.
Changing Lives Together