Foundational Learnership opens the door to lifelong learning

Foundational Learnership opens the door to lifelong learning. The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently released an article by Prof Alan Tuckett wherein he stated that lifelong learning is good for your health, your wealth, your civic engagement, and your family’s future prospects. Since we started developing training for adults in 1991 we have seen many examples of how foundational learnership opens the door to lifelong learning, and the positive changes it brings about for an individual and their family.
Tuckett continues by saying that skills development makes sense for companies too: it promotes flexibility and creativity, problem solving, teamwork and an increased sense of urgency among staff, making them happier and more productive. For government, supporting learning in adult life helps to delay the onset of dependency among rapidly ageing populations. Adult skills development plays an important role in overcoming inequality and exclusion, and supports intergenerational learning, creating more resilient families and communities. He concludes by saying that, more broadly, learning fosters improved well-being.
The challenges is, however, that companies focus their training spend on the most skilled and senior staff, and outside of work it is the people who thrived at school and college who willingly invest in their own, continued education.

Your company can make a difference

It is important for you to know that your company can make a difference. By enrolling selected employees, who need skills development, in a foundational learnership, you help someone improve their overall well-being.

A foundational learnership is not as time consuming as you may think

Are you concerned that embarking on a foundational learnership is way too time consuming for our HR department? Infact, the opposite is true. A foundational learnership is not as time consuming as you may think. Your company can get involved through a sponsored learnership. We have developed a foundational learnership programme as an outsourced skills development programme: free community training for unemployed and disabled adults. Our highly skilled team facilitates the entire foundational learnership programme on your behalf.

What are the benefits of a sponsored foundational learnership?

Very little involvement from your HR and/or management team; Earn points towards your BEE scorecard for skills development, socio-economic development, and procurement; Off-site training; and We manage it all for you.
By sponsoring a disability-focused foundational learnership you can further boost your BEE scorecard by more than 12 points. Our Business Practice qualification (NQF 1), which falls under Category C of the learning programme matrix, is the ideal solution for companies who would like to contribute to the state of unemployment for persons with disabilities.
Business Practice is a full qualification that includes modules such as Life Sciences, Ethics and Life Orientation, Instruction and Planning, Technology, Economic and Management Sciences, and Entrepreneurship. The entry requirements for the NQF 1 Business Practice qualification is our ABET modules Communication in English as well as Mathematics (Numeracy) on ABET Level 3.

How does our sponsored foundational learnership work?

We recruit the correct number of unemployed, and/or disabled individuals, on your behalf. When looking at a typical 3-year plan we often start the learner on basic literacy training for two years, advancing them to the Business Practice NQF 1 learnership in the final year. Often, this leads to employment at entry-level, driving transformation from the bottom up.

How foundational learnership opens the door to lifelong learning

As mentioned earlier in the article it is the people who thrived at school and college who willingly invest in their own, continued education outside of work. Since 1991 we have seen thousands of adults realising their potential upon completion of a foundational learnership. Many of them, most who were functionally illiterate at the start of the learnership, became employed or were promoted. Some of them even continued to higher education.
Foundational learnership changes people’s lives, and your business can make a difference too. Call us on 010 597 7611 or send an email to for more information.
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