Identify low-skilled employees through ABET assessment

Challenge: Low-skilled employees make crucial measurement errors

A member of the manufacturing, engineering and related services SETA (merSETA), my client that is based in Krugersdorp has been experiencing some challenges with low-skilled employees that make crucial measurement errors. After conducting an initial assessment, it came to light that two of the employees are barely literate that results in them not understanding the instructions which leads to the errors.

Product Introduced: ABET Level 1 in Communication and Mathematics

Being passionate about skills development my client was eager to start the recommended Adult Education and Training (AET) programme offered by Triple E Training. The two employees, who have both been dedicated to their job for a significant period, were also very eager to receive the training.
Because the employees are basically illiterate it was recommended that my client commence with ABET Level 1 in the learning area Communication in English. This is a foundational training phase after which the two employees will receive ABET Level 1 in Mathematics to assist them to understand the numbers and measurements they work with, thereby limiting or eliminating the errors they have made in the past.
Each of Triple E Training’s ABET learning areas require 120 hours of facilitated learning in an 8-hourly weekly workshop on a Saturday presented by one of our expertly qualified ABET facilitators. Learners receive a high level of personal interaction from the facilitator which is a contributing factor to the success of the AET programme.

Expert opinion: AET will earn organisations extra points on the skills development element of the BEE Scorecard

AET addresses the fundamental skills of reading, writing, understanding, listening, numeracy and mathematics ultimately improving communication and problem solving. In addition, it addresses literacy and numeracy abilities which enables further development of the employees within an organisation.
It has further been taking into account for the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice which means that any spend on AET results in an enhanced claim of 125% on the BEE Scorecard. Classified as Category B training on the skills matrix AET will earn organisations extra points on the skills development element of the BEE Scorecard.

Call to action: Triple E Training – Your partner in addressing errors made by employees through ABET

With Triple E Training as its partner my client is able to address the crucial measurement errors made by employees in the past through ABET in Communication (literacy) and Mathematics (numeracy). Through identifying illiterate employees and putting them on a skills development programme not only the company benefits in that less frequent errors occur but it also creates new opportunities for the employees by giving them a chance to improve their foundational skills which could lead to career development.


At the cost of R50k my client, a member of merSETA based in Krugersdorp, has been able to identify low-skilled employees and embark on AET in Communication and Mathematics to help them build a set of foundational skills that will ultimately reduce or even eliminate the crucial measurement errors they have been making due to a lack of understanding instructions.

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