Literacy in South Africa

Literacy In South Africa Is Still An Issue It is gradually approaching two decades since South Africa underwent its long overdue transition to majority rule and equality for all. Among the less commendable legacies of the former government is a large segment of the adult population that is functionally illiterate. Today, literacy in South Africa continues to be problem for which urgent solutions remain vital. In 1989, some English-speaking Universities began courses in adult literacy while, four years later, ABET courses began addressing literacy in South Africa. Job prospects for those unable to read or write are limited. Faced with this disadvantage, many could face a lifetime of unemployment or incomes that leave them below the poverty line. Only organizations dedicated to improving literacy in South Africa can offer these victims a chance to escape the poverty trap. Although numeracy levels in both our adult population and many of today’s school leavers remain inadequate, it is hard to address this shortfall without first taking steps to raise the standards of literacy in South Africa. ABET training has proved highly effective against this serious problem but the number of people of working age with inadequate levels of literacy in South Africa amounts to millions. Written communication using email or text messages sent and received with a mobile phone represent a modern world that they are unable to share. These simple skills are now becoming the basic requirements for many jobs, emphasising, once more, the urgency of improving literacy in South Africa. We are living in the information age where almost any query can be answered in seconds – but only for those who can read and write. Improved literacy in South Africa can, in time, open cyberspace to all. Of course there will always be opportunists who see illiteracy as a chance to turn a fat profit at the learner’s expense. State-sponsored initiatives to create improved literacy in South Africa, such as ABET offer the assurance of proven success and credibility through accreditation. Share in the efforts to improve literacy in South Africa. Contact us for details of nationwide support that works.
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