Komatsu focusing on the upliftment and development of the community

a Prize giving took place on 5 November 2013 in Plettenberg Bay. This is a community project running since 2007, Komatsu focusing on the upliftment and development of the community including semi literate, illiterate, adult unemployed, members of the community. This is a joined force between Komatsu S.A, DenRon and Triple e Training. All three … Read more

Literacy in South Africa

Literacy In South Africa Is Still An Issue It is gradually approaching two decades since South Africa underwent its long overdue transition to majority rule and equality for all. Among the less commendable legacies of the former government is a large segment of the adult population that is functionally illiterate. Today, literacy in South Africa … Read more

Teaching Basic Literacy

Proceeds from the opening concert for the FIFA soccer world cup went to opening literacy centres across South Africa and the continent. The high level of illiterate Africans was highlighted during the build-up to the world cup and it was decided that education was one of the best charities to support. These learning centres will … Read more

Teaching Basic Math

Having an educated workforce will optimise the profits that your company makes. Teaching basic math to your employees gives them the skills to function better in the working environment. Maths skills will also help them understand how your business operates and their function within the company. Being able to make simple calculations without assistance also … Read more

Improving workforce literacy

If you would like to assist your work force in improving their literacy and basic mathematics skills, enquire about the Adult Basic Education and Training programme. The course does have a cost attached as the facilitator must be compensated for his or her services and the costs of the course material must be covered. There … Read more

Literacy is key

If South Africa is to be successful on the world stage then it is essential that the country has an educated workforce. Without this it will always remain a mix between a first world country and a third world country. It will remain uncompetitive and eventually be overtaken by other developing nations. The cooperation between … Read more

ABET and big business

Businesses across South Africa are finding out that ABET programmes do not just correct the injustices of the past apartheif educational system but in fact bring tangible business benefits. Studies have shown that ABET programmes increase productivity through higher staff morale. It has also been demonstrated that when an ABET programme is set up by … Read more

The legacy of the past

Adult basic education and training is allowing South African’s who were denied a proper education during the apartheid years a new hope that they can become productive members of communities across the nation. The Bantu education system was aimed at providing South African business with cheap labour and the deficiencies in the educational system were … Read more

Literacy and numeracy a must

ABET level 3 is aimed at refining the literacy and numeracy skills of those learners who have a reasonable grasp of the basic application of reading and mathematics. This basic understanding should include the ability to critically apply the skills obtained during the course of training in ABET levels 1 and 2. The program incorporates … Read more

Changing Lives Together