Literacy Training

The Importance of Literacy Training Today Literacy is imperative to function in society today.  It improves job prospects and allows people to manage their everyday lives better.  The concept of “literacy” does not only refer to the ability to read.  It really refers to adults being able to use written information to the benefit of their lives in normal society- a wide range of skills and knowledge which relates to numeracy, reading, concept and interpretation. Literacy training differs from school learning in that literacy training programmes are usually aimed at people who are older and who:
  • did not attend school;
  • left school at an early age; or
  • did not experience sufficient knowledge transfer to achieve an acceptable level of literacy.
A high level of literacy has always been linked to better career opportunities and a higher standard of living.  By the same token, illiteracy or low literacy levels are linked to poverty and low wage jobs.  By improving literacy levels it becomes possible to elevate the standard of living through better job opportunities and increase contribution to society through better personal standards and use of information. When it comes to increasing the literacy levels of our society the first ports of call are employers of illiterate and semi-literate workers.  By encouraging them to attend literacy training they can increase the prospects of their own employees and make a significant contribution to society as a whole.  It allows the development of better self-esteem, better community involvement and more constructive and productive workers.  They are able to uplift entire families by increasing the income of only one, and slowly a domino effect will follow where literate parents will want literate children. In addition to the above benefits employers can claim skills levies from the government for literacy training.  Contact Triple E Training for more information about how to get your employees on a literacy training programme today, and claim your skills development levies!
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