Numeracy Training

The Importance of Numeracy Training Numeracy training goes hand in hand with literacy training, and actually forms part of the entire concept of literacy.  In the past literacy was defined as the ability to read, but nowadays it is just as important to be able to deal with numeral or mathematical concepts as it is to read and interpret.  Advances in computer technology and communications technology affect everybody – from our private communications to the jobs we do and how we work with money.  It is imperative to have the skills that are needed in the workforce and everyday life in order to significantly contribute to family, economy and society. The term “literacy” includes some proficiency in interpreting words and numbers, and even a little science!  Being numerate allows someone to understand their lives better, increase their prospects and function better in society and economic life.  Literacy levels influence the economic performance of a country, and a culture of literacy breeds literate children, which means increased levels of living standards for future generations. Receiving numeracy training is a sure way to uplift and empower people.  Enabling them to interpret information that would otherwise be useless to them in everyday life – drawing money from a teller, being able to manage a bank account, calculate cell phone air time, even to manage a budget  – it all adds up to a more productive and confident human being.  Being able to read allows someone to be trained much more easily at work and as a result they will learn other skills too.  It may increase their ability to use a computer or a complicated switchboard, or even fill in checklists as required, where previously this was not possible.  Empowerment increases opportunity, it boosts confidence and provides better prospects. If you need numeracy training or would like to find out more about training for your employees, we can help.  Contact us for helpful advice – we have various courses at reasonable prices.  Empower your people.  Call us today.
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